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Gold Coast Premier Heel Pain Clinic

The correct diagnosis and a timely treatment plan is the best solution to rapidly getting on top of your heel pain condition. With so many treatment options out there, many in-effective and targeted at the symptoms, here at Gold Coast Heel Pain Clinic we offer a comprehensive solution focusing on the root cause. No bandage approaches just quality evidence-based treatment.

Here at Gold Coast Heel Pain we specialise in many pains, problems and injuries around the heel such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain, severs and achilles tendonitis.

We over a unique approach where our clinic has a physiotherapy & podiatry combined services that focus on the holistic and natural resolution of your problem.

We don’t offer miracle cures for heel pain, like many claims out there, we are totally upfront and transparent about your problem, treatment plan and prognosis, we have a refined assessment and treatment protocol aligned with the best available evidence and research.

What Stage of heel pain are you?

Early Onset: 1-6 weeks.

Pain mild-moderate. Less degeneration more inflammation. Call the clinic for immediate help.

Chronic Heel pain. 3-12 Months.

Pain moderate to severe. Persistant symptoms. More degeneration less inflammation.

1.5 years + Long Term Chronic Heel Pain.

Possibly both feet, constant and persistent pain. Longer term treatment needed.

Our 3 Phrase Treatment process;

Our main objective with treatment is to address the causes of your heel pain not just providing a short-term relief but permanent resolution of your heel pain and to prevent re-occurrence. This is achieved by understanding all the factors that are involved in your injury.

Phrase 1; A focus on relieving the pain and inflammation. Reducing the load on the painful tissue is paramount.

Phrase 2; Identifying and addressing the key contributing factors to the cause of the stress on

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the heel.

Phrase 3; Improve the heel to tolerate its ability to deal with stress from walking and running. Building your function and implementing preventative measure to ensure your pain does not return.

Using the latest evidence-based treatments we offer the most up to date solution to all heel pain problems such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and severs.

Your first step is an initial appointment to fully assess your injury and gain a diagnosis which is essential for the best outcome.

Gold Coast Heel Pain Clinic diagnose & treat heel & foot pain

Gold Coast Shockwave Therapy and 3D Foot Scanning Technology for foot pain

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

There is a large amount of often misleading advice surrounding the diagnosis, causes and treatments surrounding plantar fasciitis. In short, plantar fasciitis is generally characterised by pain directly underneath the heel where the plantar fascia, a supportive band of strong fascia attaches into the heel. There are micro-fibre tears often seen on ultrasound and the fascia becomes thickened. This condition depending on the severity and duration of symptoms can have an inflammatory component but also degeneration of the injured tissue. Treating the symptoms does not always address the causes which need to be a key focus point of any treatment plan.

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